Altera’s goal is to assist our clients and investment partners in acquiring income-producing properties that provide outstanding returns while working to minimize potential downside. Our opportunistic acquisitions strategy is designed to respond to the rapidly evolving market conditions of modern medical facilities and the tenants that utilize them.

Our strategy is to identify properties with the proper pefromance indicators necessary for success in modern medicine. These indicators include:

  • Above market occupancy rates, with leases that provide for market rental rates and that have staggered maturity dates
  • Properties located within both established markets and high growth secondary markets
  • Properties with tenants that have strong credit ratings.
  • Repositioning oppurtunities for properties with large deferred maintenance and rent roll reorganization requirements.

Our principals, through their success working with top-tier providers including Triad Hospital, Zale Lipshy Hospital and UT Southwestern Medical Center, provide a resource to our clients that understands what drives the market from the operator, doctor, patient and investor sides of the equation.

Altera builds commercial real estate portfolios that perform for investors.